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The technique of The ETraining Company is used in the Netherlands and Belgium by more than 50 courses in secondary and higher vocational education to supplement the teaching materials in print with digital modules. The online campus is delivered entirely in the image and in accordance with the house style and is equipped with a user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS). Teachers can easily convert 'standard' teaching materials into online learning modules via their own cockpit. that they can use for several years. They can also compile tests and monitor the progress of their students through the management environment.


The platform comes standard with a wide range of 'ready-made' modules. For tourism education, this means more than 80 modules on countries, cities and travel products. There is also a choice of modules in the field of media literacy (including 'social media', 'identity online' and 'cyberbullying') and skills training (including 'teamwork,' applying ',' presenting ',' selling 'and' planning ') .



Skoolit is an elearning tool developed for education that allows educational institutions to compile online learning modules. The affordable tool can be fully integrated into the school website. Through the user-friendly dashboard of Skoolit, teachers have the opportunity to summarize lesson content in well-organized training sessions. The modules can be used at any time during the lessons, can be shared with colleagues and can be reused for several years. The tool can be classified per course, per course. There are test options, it includes a mailbox for communication with students and a data management system for monitoring results.


Skoolit also comes standard with a number of knowledge modules in the field of media literacy (including 'social media', 'identity online' and 'cyberbullying') and skills training such as 'being hospitable', 'applying', 'presenting', 'selling' , 'teamwork' and 'planning'.

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