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Travel industry

2200+ travel agencies &

 travel companies & tourism boards   

30.000+ users

Destination marketing

10+ cities &

regional organisations

5.500+ users

Aviation industry

15+ airlines & airports,

general sales agents 

3.500+ users


50+ secundary vocational

education institutes

 5.500+ users

Government & training agencies

250+ employment agencies, carrental & training companies, governmental institutions 

5.500+ users


1000+ branches &

insurance offices

5.500+ users

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Travel industry

The ETraining Company offers the largest digital learning platform in the travel industry. At, travel agency staff, independent travel agents and reservation staff find over 200 elearnings about countries, regions, cities and travel products.


90 % of the travel chains in the Netherlands work with this platform to train their employees and keep them updated about the tourist offer at destinations. At these portals touroperating company ETravels presents travel opportunities, tourpackages and special agent discounts for travel pros to travel to destinations as much as possible and get to know as many destinations as possible. ​The learning portals are  available in multiple languages ​​and is also used in Belgium, France, England, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Hungary and Turkey


VVV kantoren & Destination marketing NL

The ETraining Company offers DMO's and country-, regional and city promotions agencies a digital learning platform where they can train not only their internal organisation but also relevant target groups. 


Many city and regional marketing organisations use our tool to efficiently and effectively increase knowledge in the hospitality sector about their tourist offer. But also volunteers, cityguides, parking-guards and officials are educated in this way about relevant tourism matters. Ofcourse each website, the modules that are offered and certificates are delivered entirely in the look & feel of each organisation.  

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Destiaton marketing
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Aviation industry

The technology of The ETraining Company is used by major airports in the Netherlands, including Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, to train, inform and let internal target groups efficiently and effectively learn about relevant topics. Many airlines (including KLM, Aeromexico, EL AL, TAP Air Portugal and Delta Air Lines) use the platform to train resellers online about their offerings. Educational modules are developed in collaboration with our editorial teams and can be updated at any time. In this way airlines are offered a very efficient tool to quickly increase knowledge about their airline and at the same time get valuable insight about interest and salespotential in the market 



We can also count a large number of schools (MBO  - HBO) and training institutes  among our customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Lecturers produce their own e-learning modules by using the highly accessible content management system. Modules that they can then assign to specific classes. Each teacher is thus able to offer information about a specific subject in an efficient, interactive training format. They can measure the knowledge gained in the meantime by means of fun and attractive quizzes and test the knowledge via automated tests.

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Governement & training agencies

For training agencies and governmental institutions, The ETraining Company has developed an appropriate elearning solution to educate, update and inform both employees as well as their customers. Also carrental and employment agencies and the hospitality sector use our elearning tool to let employees learn about products, procedures, companies they work with and any required (soft) skills they need. The online training tool and tailormade elearning platforms we prduce for them are ready to use and set up in the desired look & feel, colors, texts and look & feel of each client .



The ETraining Company also offers a suitable and user-friendly e-learning solution for the insurance industry. With our use friendly online learning systems we offers the possibility to inform, train and inform the internal organisations, as well as resellers, about products, procedures and services. The tool is often used supportively in preparation for 'live' trainings. But even more important  is offers a possibility  to train and inform large groups at the same time, anywhere,  anytime about changes in existing offerings, new products or new procedures. Specific modules can be linked to certain usergroups internally or usergroups per sector to differentiate the training offer per targetgroup.

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