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Add your own CMS templates

As webmaster, you have access to the Content Management System (CMS) of your e-learning portal. Here you keep your existing e-learning courses up to date and you add new courses. Previously, you worked with fixed templates of 30 pages in which you could drag and drop pages. Meanwhile, we have improved the technology and made it even easier. It is now possible to create a course in which you choose the desired page layout.

So now you can easily add a new page to an existing course or build a new course entirely according to your wishes. For each page you choose the template that best fits the structure of your course.

How does it work?

When you start a new training, click the "Edit" button under "own template". An empty training will be opened. Under the button "Pages" on the left, you will see a fill-in field. Type the page title here and then select the appropriate page template in the drop-down box. Click the 'Add' button to create the page. It will now appear in the table of contents. Add all pages in this way and then start filling the content.

This works the same way in an existing training. If your training is already live, we recommend that you create the new page, but then immediately put it offline (by removing the check mark). This way you can drag the new page to the right location, edit it and put it live.

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