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Bonaire Int. Airport portal live

Following in the footsteps of airports such as Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague and Groningen Airport Eelde, Bonaire Flamingo International Airport launched its own elearning portal on November 1. In recent years The ETraining Company has built up enormous expertise in the field of online learning and training programs for over 100 companies en organizations worldwide.

The portals can be fully customized to the airport's needs. Various training modules can then be produced and made available to all users or specific groups. For example, Schiphol trains employees who work behind customs in partner stores, Rotterdam The Hague chooses to offer a hospitality learning program to all employees at the airport and Groningen Airport Eelde is currently working on a special module about airport security. The portal of Bonaire International Airport is entirely in English and uses training content from The ETraining Company as well as in-house content.


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