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Edit and renew your homepage

Through the CMS it is possible to change the texts on the homepage of the learning portal homepage. This can be done for the visitors (not yet logged in) as well as for the users (when logged in). By personalizing the texts, the right tone of voice can be used to make visitors enthusiastic to create a login. The texts on the users pages can provide information about the latest courses, important themes and possible motivational tools such as the level system.

To modify texts, the administrator clicks on the button CMS > Homepage texts. Here you can also fill in search fields. If there is a background image behind your introduction text in the layout of your website, you can also adjust it yourself. Make sure that the position (landscape or portrait) of the image corresponds to the layout of your website. The image must be approximately 900 pixels wide.

Also check the colors and fonts of your learning environment. You can have annual homepage updates by us for free. So did you recently implement a restyle on your website? Do not hesitate to contact us to give your learning environment the same look and feel. Of course, the ETraining Company team is ready to assist you.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities, please send an email to


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