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Number of training sessions at schools increased to 206 modules

For the 2022-2023 school year, the total number of training courses in the elearning systems of The ETraining Company's affiliated, schools and training institutions has been significantly expanded. The existing offer of over 190 modules was again expanded with several e-training courses so that there is now a choice of 206 tourism modules for the schools.

Especially the section with training courses on Dutch cities and provinces has been considerably expanded. New training courses have already been added about the cities of Almere, Eindhoven and Hilvarenbeek and a new module about Drenthe is also available. Later this year cities such as Arnhem, Nijmegen, Apeldoorn and a training course for Friesland will be added.

Of course The ETraining Company keeps expanding the international content. For this school year at least, there will be a completely renewed elearning about Israel and new modules about Ecuador, Portugal and Flanders (where the opening of the KMSKA in Antwerp in the month of September will be central). In January schools can expect an interesting expansion of the South Africa program, new airline training courses will be online as well as modules on car rental and hotel accommodation.

For many years now The ETraining Company has been working together with a large number of MBO and HBO training institutions, both in the Netherlands and in Belgium. In the Netherlands our customer base includes more than 20 large schools such as Deltion College, ROC Mondriaan and Alfa College. Also in Belgium, the largest educators including GO! Onderwijs voor de Vlaamse gemeenschap, Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen and Thomas More have chosen the technology of The ETraining Company.


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