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Table of contents as summary

The table of contents in the e-learning modules has been modified. The table of contents is now in the top left-hand corner of the bar and can be opened by clicking on the "hamburger" menu. In the table of contents, all chapters and underlying subjects are conveniently arranged. As soon as a user has worked through a page, the corresponding page is ticked in the table of contents. This makes it clickable and a user can navigate to it directly if he or she wants to read the corresponding subject or chapter again.

Table of content as summary

Many of our customers now use the table of contents as an online summary of the course material. Once the user has finalized the training, he or she can easily find and reread a certain topic at a later time.

Use of chapters Within the Content Management System it is possible to add chapters to the table of contents of your training courses. A clear layout of your e-learning module is important and increases effectiveness. The chapters help your learners to see at a glance how the training is structured.

How does adding chapters work?

Via CMS, you can now choose the 'Chapter' template when building or editing. If you want to indicate the start of a chapter at a certain position in the table of contents, drag this template to the correct position and give the chapter a name. You cannot view this 'page' via the magnifying glass (it is not an actual learning page) but you will find the added chapters in the table of contents when viewing the complete training. For more information on the possibilities, please contact


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