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CMS rated 8.7

Based on a telephone survey conducted by students of the University of Amsterdam, the CMS system of the ETraining Company scores an average of 8.7. Clients particularly praise the way in which they can put together visually attractive modules for their own users. The possibility to use large photo backgrounds in combination with different presentation templates and various interactive practice questions are mentioned as important plus points.

The study also shows that customers are generally very satisfied with aspects such as the flexible group structure whereby different modules can be assigned to each group. Also the quiz, the service of the helpdesk and the ease of learning score very high.

According to team leader Boaz Joosten, several customers indicate that they find it important to involve their customers in the modules in an interactive way. The wide range of different types of practice questions which require the user to do more than just click on a multiple choice answer is experienced as very positive. When creating a new module, The ETraining Company always advises its clients to add an interactive exercise assignment after every 3 to 4 information pages. This gives the students the opportunity to test their understanding of the acquired knowledge.

Since the visual and interactive aspect appears to be so important for many customers, it was decided to add new presentation and practice question templates to the CMS this year as well.


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