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Customised registration form

ETC's new flexible registrationform makes it possible for your learning portal to determine which personal data you want your participants to fill in. Some of our clients wanted to simplify the registration process. It must be easy and fast for their participants to register to take part in an online module. We respond to these wishes with the introduction of a flexible registration form.

At each e-learning portal it is now possibe to decide what info is asked of your participants while registering. Do you want to know where your participants come from or what company they work for? Or is a first and last name enough for you? Let us know and we will customise the registration form.


Not a new feature, but might be useful to highlight again. You can have your participants sign up in groups during registration. To do this, you provide a format that is most effective for your learning programme. For example, you first let your participants indicate from which region they come and then ask them in which professional group (company) they work. In the case of schools, it might be classes and years of study, with travel agency chains it might be beginners and employees with experience. Whatever structure you choose. We can tailor the registration form to your needs. Working with group structure of course offers you the possibility to link specific training courses to groups or, for example, to assign a group manager to a specific group.

Do you have an e-learning portal and would you like to adjust your registration structure and/or form? Let us know.

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