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Elearning portal live again at 20 schools

For many years now The ETraining Company has been working together with a large number of MBO and HBO educations in the Netherlands and Belgium. In the Netherlands we have more than 20 large schools among our clientele, including Deltion College, ROC Mondriaan and Alfa College. Also in Belgium, the largest educators including GO! Onderwijs voor de Vlaamse gemeenschap, Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen and Thomas More have chosen the technology of The ETraining Company.

Now that the summer vacations are over and the schools have started, the team of The Etraining Company has made sure that all portals are live again as of September 1st. The number of available training courses in the cockpit of The ETraining Company affiliated, schools and training courses has further increased to over 205 online training courses with 10 new training courses on countries, regions and cities now added in September. Starting in the second half of the school season, a further 5 new modules will then be added to the already ample offering for diehards.

From the beginning of next week, classes will be added in cooperation with teachers so that students can immediately choose their right class and start training in the first weeks of the new school season.


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