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Fun quizzes

Have you already experienced the possibilities of offering a fun, motivating knowledge quiz in your portal? You can develop quizzes for free using the Content Management System and offer them to your users on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Participants in a quiz do not need to register or log in first. Every visitor to your learning portal can therefore participate and get acquainted with the online learning technique.

You can develop a quiz easily using your CMS. Is the submenu button 'Quiz' not yet visible in your portal and do you want to explore and use it? Send us an email mail and we will add this extra feature to your portal completely free of charge.

A quiz is a collection of several practice questions with a time limit to answer. The participants' results are displayed in a ranking. This ranking is visible to everyone. As a webmaster, you see the ranking per quiz and the e-mail addresses of the participants.

If you have a quiz ready, you can copy the link of the quiz and bring it to the attention of your audience via your newsletter, social media statement or own website.

For more information on the possibilities, please contact


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