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New practice question template in CMS

If you have already built a training course using the user-friendly CMS, you are already familiar with the different exercise questions that you can choose from to engage your users interactively in modules; the multiple-choice question, the picture-click question and the drag-and-drop question. Practice questions should preferably be added to a module after every 3 to 4 information pages to give learners the opportunity to test their understanding of the knowledge they have acquired. It is precisely because the interactive aspect is so important that we have added yet another new practice option. This new type of practice question has now been added to your CMS and is called 'Drag question the characteristics 2'.

Just like the other practice questions, you can easily add the practice question yourself and drag it to the right position. You can type in the characteristics as usual in the text field intended for this purpose. You then upload a corresponding photo. The pictures are shown in the order they were uploaded, and the attributes are mixed up. It is the student's task to drag the features onto the correct images.

You can find more extensive instructions in the CMS manual that you can open and download under the CMS button.

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