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New practice questions in CMS

Through the CMS of our platform, more and more flexibility is offered in the type and number of practice questions when creating a new training. As is well known, for the interactivity of a training course it is important to include a practice question at least after every four theory sheets. The more a student has to do during the training, the greater the involvement. So with a balanced variety a wide choice of practice questions we help you to increase the interactivity of your training.

At the moment you can choose from

- Multiple choice question ( now with new applications!)

- Image click question

- Drag question 3 combinations

- Drag & drop question 4 combinations

- NEW Scoring question

Extension Multiple-choice question

Through the CMS you can place a practice question at any position. In recent years it has become clear that the 'multiple choice question' is the most used type, often because this type is easy to create. For this reason we have greatly increased the flexibility of this particular type of question. Where the number of possible answers was previously fixed, you can now, just as with the test questions, add extra answers yourself or reduce the number of answers per question to 3 or 2.

NEW Statements question

Besides the multiple choice question you can now also choose the new practice question template 'Statements'. This template contains 2 multiple choice questions in which you present the user with 2 statements about a subject and the user indicates which statement is correct or incorrect.

Open question

Finally, we can report that we are working on a new test or practice question. By popular demand we are currently developing the 'Open question' template. This means that an open question can be posed and users then have to type in the correct answer themselves. For the creators of a training course this means that he or she has to formulate the correct answer in as many different descriptions as possible beforehand, so that the correct answer will still be recognized even if the game is played in a different way. The Open Question practice question will become available during the first quarter of 2022 and will be offered a la carte so that customers who find it a useful addition to their training courses can order the extra practice question for their CMS.


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