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Your customised learning programme

Did you know that it is possible to add a button 'learning plan' to your learning portal? This button allows you to present a complete learning path to your users. When the user clicks on the button, a number of blocks are shown, one below the other, that are filled with various parts of the learning path. Each block has a deadline, a date by which the participant must complete the component. You can use your e-learning modules, but also announce an online meeting or webinar, show video presentations or integrate some knowledge quizzes.

An example of a learning trajectory can be viewed on our website


Here is an example of how a learning path might look:

E-learning 'Hospitality'

Date: To be completed by xxx In this e-learning we explain why hospitality is so important. We highlight the opportunities that being hospitable offers and give several practical examples of how you can be hospitable.

Webinar 'How to deal with different types of guests'.

Date: xxx As a follow-up to the e-learning 'Hospitality', we will be holding a webinar on xxx date in which you will have the opportunity to ask your questions to our trainer during and after the presentation. On the basis of this webinar, we will ask you to prepare an assignment that you can upload via the exchange centre.

E-learning 'Hospitable welcome'

Date: To be completed by xxx The optimum hospitality experience is achieved when you are able to exceed expectations and provide a genuine welcome. This starts at the beginning: the reception. Follow the training for useful tips.

Knowledge quiz

Date: To be completed by xxx To conclude the hospitality programme, we would like to ask you to participate in the knowledge quiz that has been set up for you under the button 'quiz'. This short quiz contains questions about various topics that have been dealt with during the previous blocks. Please note that you can only participate in the quiz once. Make sure you score a satisfactory result.

If you have completed all components with a satisfactory result, you will receive your hospitality certification 2022.


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